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Express Track Fulfillment is not your typical fulfillment company. Really! Our evolution to the custom services we provide today have been at the request of our clients to further support their growing companies.  Whether your revenue channel is direct to consumer, drop shipping or wholesale order processing we are experienced in each because our clients seldom have only one sales channel. 


Contact Center

First our call center is located on-site giving our sales staff access to your product and the ability to work directly with our shipping department to seamlessly handle order add-ons, changes, late day rush orders, etc!
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 Yet we are small enough that we get to know your customers allowing them to always work with the same sales rep for new orders or problem resolution.  It’s all about your customer feeling that they are calling your company, because they are.


Kitting Assembly

From the simple to the complex we do what others don’t.  For many of our clients we were their needle in a haystack. Company’s whose products require packaging or special handling with each order. Manic Salamander, a motorcycle accessories company requiring kits built to order for over 7000 models of bikes to maximize inventory to BeeBolt, a quilting retail company with over 300 fabrics that are cut to order and nearly everything in between! If you’ve been unable to find a fulfillment company or feel your product may be to complex to outsource call us!

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  • Express Track Fulfillment is proud to announce the addition of Juniper Urns for fulfillment and contact center services.
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